The Supernaturals Band Members and Instruments

James and Ken on stage
If you ever wanted to know who the band were or what they did, you've come to the right place! Coming soon will be in-depth member profiles.

James A. McColl BAcc A typically hectic live show

(born 9/??/1970) Sings lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Has a little sister. It should not be forgotten that he is the main writer of the band (although many songs are co-written with other members). Apparently supports Aberdeen FC. Is now the songwriter and guitarist for Suzette.

Derek McManus

(born 8/?/1968) Plays lead guitar and sings backing vocals. Wears leather, and once had to be carried off of a ferry by the crew when he fell asleep... Extreme close-up! Performance of Built To Get Up on TOTP

Alan I.G. Tilston

(born 4/?/71) Drums/percussion (not Premier). Has a curious fascination with American Indian chief head-dresses, and once wore one on Top Of The Pops. Has been supplying some of the loops and programming for the new album. Has now left the band and is apparently working in London with William Orbit.

Paul Malcolm

Used to play guitar on his own in small pubs. Now full-time touring guitarist with the band. Born in Glasgow on 6/?/1978. Added a nice solo to the live versions of WWDLS, and loves to slide. His first Nats gig was May 23 '01 at Sleazys. He then got a 9-5 job in Sound Control.

David "Beaker" Mitchell

All keyboards, synths and stuff. Born in 6/?/1983, and with much musical skill, but little is know about his personality yet, aside from the fact that he's been seen in the Hard Rock Cafe. First gig was Tobermory on July 14th. Not to be confused with the Staind roadie of the same name...
Ex-members include, amonst others:

Mark Guthrie MSc. Born 10/20/6?, and played bass guitar. The one with big hair, he once got conned into buying a brand new bass amp in a joke by the others. He has worked in Virgin Megastore, but left the band in Feb 2001 and is now in a new band Roads To Siam...

Keyboardist/acrobat Ken "Mad Dog" McAlpine (born 8/27/72- not the F1 driver!), played his first Supers gig at Heriot Watt Uni in '93, where he took a liking to the tambourine. Likes to live a wild life of danger: he used to race motorcycles until the rest of the band forced him to give it up for something a bit less dangerous. He then took up hangliding, until he had an accident and broke his arm! Left in August 01 and is currently a cameraman. Extreme close-up!

There was also Gavin Crawford (drums) and Sean Guthrie, who played in the early 1990s.

The band's full equipment list is now online, as well as the band's entire discography. 1