On Wednesday April 25, '07, The Hussys played Purple Turtle in Camden, as the main supporting act for the Draytones. This venue was fitting, as it is near the Palace, and just over the road from a statue of Napoleon III. James and the others were there nice and early, checking out the bar beforehand, and this was a good opportunity to chat about stuff. The first two bands of the night also used the Hussy's drumkit, which all meant extra publicity for the band...

As the place started to fill up with a mixture of people of all ages, the set list started with We Expected (which has started to remind me of "Not In Any Name") and Marty. It continued with old and new songs, including Napoleon, Tiger, Please Don't Call Me At Home and Jesus, and also featured a full electric version of Sister Mary-Jo. Fili seems to be developing into a great frontwoman, with a little bit of banter here and there.

Although the stage was not the largest, the playing was spot on, and everything sounded very good (both in terms of sound quality and in playing tightness) apart from during one song when Ronnie broke a string, and had to grab his replacement guitar from the side of the stage. The crowd really enjoyed it, with a few people jumping and singing along. There was still a reasonable amount of space around the middle and back, so nobody was too crushed, and it meant that you could stand there without people stomping on your feet.

Afterwards, I also got to chat to the guys from Weekender, as well as Bish from the board, so all in all it was a great night. And since the girl on the door was asking what band you wanted to see most, I thought it would be a good idea to ask her who "won", and to my amazement, she said that 56 out of 74 had said the Hussys!

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