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All the chords from this album are certified 100% correct, since they are taken from the Japanese liner booklet.

You Take Yourself Too Seriously

VERSE/PRE-CHORUS: Very slow changes, like every two lines... G C You... / while... CHORUS: Gm C [x3] You should let your hair down... A D We... / again OUTRO: E:--5--5-3---- b:------------ SOLO: E:------3------2------2--3-2-0-- b:--3-5----2-4----2-4----------- twice g:------------------------------

Monday Mornings

INTRO: g:--------------------- d:------0------2-0----- a:----2------2-----2--- e:--3------3---------3- VERSE: D CHORUS: G D BRIDGE: Em7 F#m7 A D

Submarine Song

VERSE: C Bb(?) Climbed into my midget submarine Am ^F Pulled the hatch down and turned the lights off F C7 Set sail into the Firth of Clyde Dm Bb Up past Shetland and Iceland and Greenland PRECHORUS FILL: E:------------------ -------------------------- b:--------6---------. --6----------------------- g:-----5--------5--- ----5--7-5--5h7p5h7-7--5-- d:--3--------3------. -------------------------- a:------------------ -------------------------- CHORUS: F Bb F Gm Do do do do, oh I wish you were here Cm F Ab Bb Do do do do, oh I wish you were here INSTRUMENTAL: C Em F

I Wasn't Built To Get Up

VERSE (Guitar with Bassoon): Em F#m Oh the milk on my cornflakes G#m A It's the same as any other day... CHORUS: E A [x4] I wasn't built to get up at this time... B A/G# Built to get up, built to get up BRIDGE: A G#m I wish I could turn the clocks back... C#m D

Country Music

CHORUS: d:---------------- a:--8-s10---7-s5-- e:---------------- VERSE: g:-----------------------------------------------------10-- d:----7---7--7----9---9--9---10---10--10-----12-----12----- a:--5b---5--5---7b---7--7--8b----8---8---10b-----10-------- e:--------------------------------------------------------- LAST-CHORUS: Key change up 7 keys

Motorcycle Parts

VERSE (69 BPM): C Em Am Don't patronise me, you stupid big ape C Em Am I've got more balls than your heavy metal tapes F Em Am Dm I feel things twice as much as you do CHORUS: F G And that Karma you took from me C A7 I want it back immediately F Fm And those motorcycle parts that I trip over in the dark Em I'm gonna take them out the back Am Fm Smash them up on the tarmac

Sheffield Song

A Amaj7 Oh, the way that the tears run down the side of your nose D Dmaj7 It always gets to me, but not as much as it does G F# Em7 When it was her CHORUS: D G Because I love her more than I love you BREAKDOWN: A D Yes I love her more than I love you

VW Song

Piano Intro: F D# F C# Twiddly guitar intro: E:--------15b------ b:--13s15------13b- g:----------------- VERSE: D# C# Take a ride in my VW BRIDGE: A7s4 D MIDDLE 8: E D

? Idiot

Toy Piano Intro: C D If you want you can buy me a bow-worker for my Birthday CHORUS: G A 'Cause I'm the greatest that ever lived B C# Got so much love and joy to give... CHORUS: Dm G But of course I'm not FILL: b:-----1r- g:-------- d:-------- a:--3-----


VERSE: E-----3-------3-------3-------3-------3-------3-------3-------3--- b-------3-------3-------3-------3-------3-------3-------3-------3- g---0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0----- d-----------------0----------------------------------------------- a-0-------------------------------0---------------0--------------- e---------3---------------3---------------3---------------3------- CHORUS: OUTRO: E-----3--- Repeat -3-5--8--7--3-- b-----1--- each -3-5--8--7--3-- g--0--2--- chord --------------- d--5--2--- 16 --------------- a--5--0--- times --------------- e--3------ fast --------------- MIDDLE: Em7 G Gm D Am7

Still Got That Feeling


Let Me Know

VERSE: D G D G If you like my fingernails, or the way I sing my scales C B A G Let me know F G Let me know BRIDGE: Em Dm F Fm CHORUS: C Bb F G# Fm G

It Doesn't Matter Anymore

In: F E D# D VERSE: Em A CHORUS: b:--------------------6-6-6-6--6-6-6-6--4-4-4-4--4-4-4-4--- g:-----------5-5-5-5--5-5-5-5--5-5-5-5--5-5-5-5--5-5-5-5--- d:--8-8-8-8--5-5-5-5--3-3-3-3--3-3-3-3--3-3-3-3--3-3-3-3--- a:--8-8-8-8--3-3-3-3--------------------------------------- e:--6-6-6-6------------------------------------------------ MIDDLE: D C# F#m G OUTRO: Same as chorus but up 3 keys


INTRO/VERSE (piano): G Bm I bought a goldfish to keep me company C Ds In these dark days when you're not here with me... BRIDGE: Gm F C You dropped me like a waitress drops a tray I haven't figured out where the 2 octave rising piano scale starts/ends yet... Maybe C# or D? Power CHORUS (easier with a capo on the 1st): A# Gm And my love for you is bigger than D# F Everest, Baby you're the best.. BRIDGE: SOLO: E:---------- ------------------------ b:------3--- ------------------------ g:----3----- ------------------------ d:--5------- -5-5--5-5--5-5--5-5--6~- a:---------- ------------------------ e:---------- ------------------------ LAST VERSE: OUTRO: E:-------------------- --6-s4-------- b:-------------------- --------7-s6-- g:-------------------- -------------- d:---0-2-4-5---4---2-- -------------- a:-3------------------ -------------- e:-------------------- -------repeat-

Star Wars


Bubblegum Hill

VERSE: G5 Driving along in my bubblegum car, C5 Me and my girlfriend under the stars... CHORUS: (F5) D5 C5(mute) Bubblegum hill BRIDGE: Bm C5 They had this thing then, they called it radio... SOLO: E:--1~-----------1---1~-- b:-------0~-2--3---3----- g:-----3----------------- d:------------------four- a:------------------times

Robot Song

VERSE: G E B CHORUS: A E C SOLO: E:----------------------------------- b:------3-----5------0--0-1-0---0---- g:--0-2---0-4----0-2----------2---0-- d:-----------------------------------

I Just Can't Go On Like This

VERSE: b:------2-------2------3-------3-- g:--------2----------2---2---2---- d:----2-------2----0-------0------ a:--0-------0--------------------- CHORUS: F#m E

X-Country Song

I have transcribed this from an acoustic version, and haven't checked it against the single B-side, but anyway... G Am C G You left a copy of Nashville Skyline underneath my bed The pattern carries on like this, except that when you get to the chorus, you play the chords in a different order.

Hang Out With You

CHORUS: Bb F Bb F C# A VERSE: D F# Em MIDDLE 8: G F# Bm A G A END-CHORUS: Same as normal, but up 2 keys. End on E

Tomato Man

All: A G F# E

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