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Example of the Will Robinson fontExample of the Eurostile Extend font < The fonts that are used on the record covers. The first one is as used on IDMA (well, it's a close match- the true font is called "Dolce Vita" and costs a hundred quid!). There is now also a second font - the one that is used on WWDLS, and they are combined into one download. This site will then use them to display the Headings, and you will also be able to use it in your W/P, etc. It is available as ttf for PC and Mac, and at under 40KB, it's smaller than most graphics files... Just save the archive and extract.

The Supernaturals screensaver! This LHPA screensaver is 350K zipped, and looks great. Unfortunately it works on Windows only.

Try out a guitar-shaped mouse cursor that I have created! (only 326 bytes) Save it in a location such as "C:/Windows/Cursors" and then change your pointer settings...

Bored of waiting for the slow hourglass? Change it to a Supernaturals Fishing Rod animated cursor(6K)! Save it in a location such as "C:\Program files\Plus!\Themes" and then change your settings...

The Desktop Patterns! I have created a cool It Doesn't Matter Anymore background (available at VGA-800x600, 1.3MB), and also a Tune A Day one (up to 1024x768, 250KB) and a tiled Last Summer one (only 58KB)... Just click the link and save it in the appropreate place on your hard disk. (if you are unsure of what to do next, refer to your OS instruction manual).

Windows corner graphic! That pic that is used on some views in Explorer. You can customize it by saving the image into "C:\Windows\Web" (although you may want to backup the original first by changing its name)

Icons! This new file contains 11 icons for customizing your desktop. Just save the file in "C:/Windows", and if you want to, rename the file extension to .icl
You will then be able to right-click on any shortcut, and change the icon by selecting Change Icon...|Browse... They can also be used as AOL Instant Messenger Buddy Icons or avatars (just go to the options screen).

The Supernaturals Skins for Winamp! Life is a Motorway (aka Супернатуролз - Хайвей Песня "Russia Song") skin. Also vailable in IDMA, Smile and Everest. These designs (170KB zipped) are great for when you're listening to my rare song samples! Just save in "C:/Winamp/Skins" and they should work as they are. To celebrate the release of the WWDLS single, there are now two special skins: a beach scene and a summer one. Enjoy.

Also, I may prepare some Mozilla (Netscape) bars (for Macintosh, Unix, Linux) and ICQ Themes if there is enough enthusiasm...

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