Some Pedantic facts that you probably didn't know...

What's the connection between Badly Drawn Boy, Travis and Moloko?
The band are really popular in Japan and Hong Kong?
If you look hard enough, a single cover features a very small picture of an album cover?
What is the connection between Sting's first solo album "Dream of the Blue Turtles", and Del Amitri?
Which one of the band members used to be in a Lou Reed tribute band?
Smile was nominated for an Ivor Novello songwriting award?
Singer James once threw his socks into the audience at a gig?
The band have had their picture in The Yellow Pages?
What's the connection between Fountains of Wayne and Elliot Smith?
Iowa nu-metalers Slipknot have now started wearing red boiler-suits?

ANY other obscure facts welcomed...
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