Loads of stuff to do!

SN Chat Room! Talk to other Supernuts in real-time in this exclusive chatroom. Takes about 30 seconds to register... (and looks best if you maximize your window)

New Quiz - see if you know the trivia well enough to win Life is a Motorway! Alternatively, enter my Competition! Each month, a big signed prize goes out to the person with the highest score... Or, if you are really pedantic (or just curious about the band), then you may want to check out my facts page.

Having trouble finding the new records?
Here they all areIf you have a credit card, and if you don't think you can win a copy of What We Did Last Summer in this site's competition, Townsend have it for only 10.20, which is a little cheaper than Amazon, although you'll have to pay in GBPounds.
Also worthy of note is Jungle, who are about the cheapest place to get both early albums (8.04 and 10.48), and have some of the old singles at reduced prices.

Failing that, send an email (or five!) to the record companies to ask them about releasing them in other countries. (You never know, if they get inundated with requests it might happen!)

Other Activities:

*Pester the radio with requests. (will soon be divided into six regional categories: Scotland Wales+NI North England Southwest Southeast Outside. If your browser communicates well with your email s/w, a pre-typed email addressed to about 180 different stations should be generated. All you have to do is just fill in your song and press Send. If your local station gives out an address, tell me and I will add it to the list! If you have to use MSIE and cannot get this feature to work, then you can Right-Click and select "Copy Shortcut" and paste the addresses into the Bcc field of a blank email... Otherwise, simply go to View Source and copy them all by hand)

Also, I may prepare some Netscape Themes if there is enough enthusiasm...

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