New band: The Hussys

Band Members

The lineup is now stable, with the following members:

Discography and CD News

They have been rehearsing since January 2005, and have put out the "Tiger EP" in September 05 on their own label (Custard/Fat Cheerleader records). As ever, lyrics are available. You can get a copy from the band for the bargain price of 1.99, from eBay, or from the official website (who also have free MP3 downloads). And if you ever tried to get a copy of one of the early Supernaturals EPs, then you'll know they they are like gold dust, and so you'd be better off getting a copy or two sooner rather than later!

Jan 06: a video has been made for "We Expected", and was broadcast on Scottish TV. A full-length download is available, and combines props from the Pumpkins with choreography from Franz Ferdinand...

The Napoleon Dynamite EP was released a few months later. Purchase details as for the first one.

There is now a Japanese mini-album ハッシーズ ウィ エクスペクテッド. See Amazon for details, or else wait for the tracks to be released as part of the Sunday EP.

Tour Dates

They have been playing for a couple of years now, and a full list of dates is available. They are using some of the older songs, a couple of covers, and one or two new ones added in. More news when I get it...

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