Supernaturals Gear

Their setup as used for studio recording and playing live gigs.

Guitars - Electric

Fender '90s US Telecaster (one red and one dark blue)
Gibson SG (heritage cherry- for Smile, LHPA)
Jagstang (occasionally for twangy stuff)
Ibanez White Zombie with green/white stars (BTGU, Everest)
Fender '70s US Stratocaster (light blue, and a Tokai copy)

Guitars - Acoustic

Takamine Electro Acoustic
Martin D28
Taylor 12 string


Fender Jazzman (early on)
Washburn Bass (black)
A couple of others

Effects Pedals

Boss Metal Zone, Tremolo
Electro Harmonix Small Stone Phaser
Danelectro (Chorus/Flange)
Line 6 digital delays


Fender Princeton
Vox AC 30 Twin
Marshall JCM900 (for live)
Peavey bass amp
Ampeg SVT Amp and 4x12 cabinet

Keyboards & Synths

Ensoniq ES10 and EN10
Nord Lead (most of WWDLS)
Roland JV1080
Viscount stage piano
Yamaha DX7 (now and again)
Oberheim (now and again)


Mostly Yamaha 9000 kit
Sometimes Roland V
Zildjian cymbals
EMU 6400 Sampler


Guitar strings by D'Addarios
Casio cheap keys (Caterpillar & Sub Song)
A real vibraphone
19th century harmonium
Bosendorfer piano
Plenty of software...

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