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Please Be Gentle With Me

VERSE: D G D Dsus2 D Please be gentle with me, D G D Dsus2 D 'cos I've been on a long, hard, losing streak, A G And I've been down in the dumps, I've been well and truly humped, A G And my clothes don't seem to fit, and my haircuts looking sh*t. BRIDGE: C G D C G D I say to myself, have I been cursed? C G D A C Things are bad can they get worse Underwater SOLO: E:-----2~--------------------- b:--------2~--0-2-0-2-0-2-0-2- g:--2~-------2---------------- d:---------------------------- a:-----------------four times- Last verse: C D Bm A


Intro: E:---------------------------- b:---------------------------- g:--7-7-7--6-6--4-4--2-2------ d:--7-7-7--6-6--4-4--2-2------ a:----5-5--4-4--2-2--0-0------ e:---------------------------- There is basically just one progression throughout the song. Guitar: E:--2--2---2--2---3--3---0----- b:--3--3---3--3---0--0---2----- g:--2--2---2--2---0--0---2----- d:--0--0---4--4---0--0---2----- a:---------4--4---2--2---0----- e:----------------3--3--------- As far as I can work out, the Piano sequence is D F#m G A D F#m G A Every silver lining has a cloud... PRE-CHORUS G A D See the lines around my eyes, F# D A See the sarcasm in my smile, FILL: POST-CHORUS: E:------------- -x--------------- b:------------- play -x--------------- g:--0---------- main -x-----6-x-7-x-9- d:----4-2-0---- riff -x-7-x-4-x-5-x-7- a:----------0-- -x-5-x----------- e:------------- -x--------------- Ending ("Do do"): E F G A

Glimpse (?)

This difficult song is coming soon... I think it might be Verse: D F D F C F Chorus: C D C D F G F

Lazy Lover

INTRO (guitar plays this, and piano plays verse): E:--5-5-5--s3--- --0--- b:--5-5-5--s3--- x3 --1--- g:--6-6-6--s4--- --0--- d:----------5--- x3 --2--- a:-------------- --3--- e:-------------- ------ VERSE (guitar and piano): E:--0----0----0----0----0----0----0----0---- b:--1----1----1----1----1----1----1----1---- g:--0----0----2----2----0----0----2----2---- d:-----2----2----2----2----2----2----2----2- a:-----3----3----3----3----3----3----3----3- e:------------------------------------------ PRE-CHORUS (piano only): D A C G I try to fix it so many times, D A C But there's something wrong with my mind... CHORUS: Same chords/rhythm as the verse. (There is an alternate version that goes D# F / G F)

Love Has Passed Away

INTRO/VERSE: C A Today I woke up with a headache C# D# I took some pills but I don't think that I'm ready ^F D/C# To face the truth in world without you CHORUS: D# C# A Love has passed away C A But I visit it's grave every day BRIDGE: F D# C# C I'm still touched by your presence, dear

Dung Beetle

Reed organ Verse (84 BPM): F G F G A-> G-> CHORUS: As far as I can make out, a lot of this is ad libbed. One of the guitars is playing hammer on/pull off 5\3 on the high E string OUTRO: b:---------------------------- g:--------3-2--2-------------- d:--3---3--------3-5-3-5-3-0-- a:----------------------------


G5 F5 C5 Bb5 G5 Recently I've been talking with a stammer... D C When the pieces fall in place, and they fall back out again SOLO (sort of in this scale, anyway: E:--------6---8-------- b:--?-?-----------8---- g:--0-3---3---5---0---- d:--?-?----------------

I Don't Think So (official)

Strummed guitar intro: E:--3--3--3--3-- b:--0--0--1--0-- g:--0--0--0--0-- d:--0--0--0--0-- a:--2--2--3--2-- e:-------------- G Am September and the leaves are dying D7sus4 G But I'm still alive BRIDGE: Bm G Don't give up your day job, Bm Am7 Just be content with your lot, D Am7 Empty your head of those big ideas, D Am7 I don't think so D Am7 I don't think so D C D CHORUS: G A C G I don't think so

Pie In The Sky (?)

VERSE: G Em D7 Cmaj7 C7 F G You glued inside my head, your photos under the bed Gm F Bb We'd roll the windows down Gm F G We rode out of town CHORUS: Em F In the great scheme of things it doesn't matter Em F D7 Maybe someday I can just laugh at myself OUTRO: Bb Gm F Bb Gm F G ...and in a funny kind of way you're still with me today

The Day Before Yesterday's Man

VERSE (I): C G Jesus, I'm freaking, I've had such a weekend F C I think I must be turning... Verse (II): G F C F C F I wish the tables were turning, and summer was coming along... CHORUS: C G F G x4 'Cause when the sh*t hits the fan... OUTRO (up-tempo, with mucho distortion): G F C F C F The day before yesterday

Prepare To Land

VERSE: G F Isn't it about time C G You faced up to the facts... CHORUS: Em G A gulf has opened up between us Em Am Am7 You have to face the facts the tyre's burst you can't go back C D/G We've used it up there is no slack Keyboard SOLO: e:--15~---13-12-7--9~---13-12--9~---10-9-7~---10p9p7------10p9p7-10p9p7--11-9~-- b:---------------------------------------------------8~-------------------------

? Trees

VERSE: As far as I can work out, it is something like F# G Trees are all stripping off for winter B? A? Somehow that reminds me of yer The Chorus has a G in it, and it ends on a D
This part of the site will always be under construction...

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