Loads of stuff to download!

MP3 song of the Month! We are now proud to present an entire song to download in crisp, clear MP3 format. For one month only, you can now download a rare song free of charge. Just click the link to download this month's track: Part 2 of the rare interview with Jim of Beat 106 FM (2.0MB) (it starts with the answer to the question "What kind of impact have you had in other countries?"). Email in with requests for songs you would like to hear, and the most popular one will go up next month.

There are also a large number of shorter clips to listen to. Just choose a song from the menu and the audio sample should begin to download and start playing automatically.

There are some new Midi files to download. The collection is of 9 songs that have been sequenced (includes Smile and Yesterday) and is 80kb!

Full MP3 versions of a lot of the songs are available on Napster and Audiogalaxy (I'm on between midday and 5pm most days) and probably Gnutella/KaZaA/Morpheus as well... For best results, listen using WinAmp, which comes as part of Netscape 4.7+
Download Supernaturals Winamp skins!

Coming soon will be a few more short video clip streams. Some of the 02/14 BBC Session has surfaced on video, but some of the actual promo shorts are being captured and converted to Quicktime, MPG, AVI and Real and will appear shortly.

Here is a videography and list of directors, with a short description of each video, and with a bit of luck, they should be up for download in a week or two...

Smile? Live performance from a warehouse in Harlesden with footage on the CN lawn
Lazy LoverDirector? Set in an old people's home with wheelchairs
DBYMHammer & Tongs Waiting around in the garage for pizza delivery guys
Smile (2)Hammer & Tongs In a remote hut with storms and destruction
LHPABarry Maguire Piano with candles against a dark background
Prepare To LandBarry Maguire The band playing the song in full gorilla outfits
BTGURupert Jones (prod Kate Thorne) The tired guys keep falling over in a studio full of women
Sheffield SongDave Osborne (prod M. Edwards, 100% animated) Comparing two cartoonish women
EverestBarnaby & Scott (Jo Rudolphi) With beards, dragging a rose around Loch Lomond
WWDLSCraig Martin The guys lugging a blowup doll around the shops of Glasgow.
LIAMCraig Martin 4 chefs chasing a chicken around Glencoe, the Alps and Brussels