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The Supernaturals, are, in case you didn't know already, a 5-member guitar based pop band from Glasgow. They have a uniquely cynical outlook on life that is reflected in their tongue-in-cheek songs (If you want to know more, there is a good profile available). Many people have likened them to The Beatles, although I can't see any similarity myself.

Current Band Lineup.

Formed by James and Derek some time in 1990, they started to tour in 1993, signing to Food/Par£ophone records in November 1995. After spending a lot of time in the recording studio with Phil Vinall (who has worked with Placebo, Elastica, Dave Graney, Snow Patrol and Gene), they decided to make their first full record in London with Pete Smith.

Although experiencing only modest success in the joke that is the British pop chart, the band play genuinely entertaining live shows. Starting with small clubs and universities, they have now moved up to play all the big-name festivals, and some high-profile gigs supporting the likes of Paul Weller, Robbie Williams, Tina Turner, Blondie, Supergrass, Texas, Dodgy, the Boo Radleys and loads of others (venues inc Ireland, Italy, Denmark, France, Germany and the Netherlands). One of the albums was also big in Hungary... Although they never made the trip accross the Atlantic, they have fans in New Zealand, and were a partial success on Canadian college radio.
Highest Chart Positions by Single
10 10
DNC 1996 1997 1998 1999 Finishing WWDLSDNC

They have also been nominated for numerous songwriting awards (the British Academy Ivor Novello, and the Brits), and succeeded in winning a Silver Clef award.

After being dropped by their first record company in October 1999 (selling over 150,000 albums, and being awarded a Silver disc award for sales), the band had been looking for a new deal. Singer James considered but then temporarily rejected a career as a writer or a (non-frontman) member in a different band with a girl singer. They spent well over a year writing and recording the third album at a local studio in Renfrewshire near their home.

In June 2001, after over a year of immense financial hardship, their second chance came when they were signed by independent German giants Koch (home of Ringo, Slash's Snakepit and the WWF). The strength of the finished new album was the main reason for the signing, and the band had an extensive highland and national tour to promote it.

After getting banned from the radio after the NY terrorist strikes for mentioning the end of the world, their luck didn't get much better. Dismissed as a novelty and under pressure to tour again, the band found it more or less impossible to get anywhere with the new material.

To find out exactly where the band are from, Hover the mouse over this map and slowly move in towards the center to zoom in closer (only if you have a version 3 browser or above). Just move the cursor towards the middle to progress from country to city to street...

[Geographic map] Move towards Milngavie to zoom in Move towards Glasgow to zoom in Move towards Britain to zoom in

The band's output can be roughly summarized as the following:
Tracks on 3 albums:39
Tracks on 4 EPs (not inc album tracks or demos):21
Tracks on 10 singles (inc cover versions):30 (Total so far:90)
Exclusive tracks from sessions:3
Christmas songs:1
Others (unreleased):20-30?

The band's entire discography to date.

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