I am a bad guitarist, and so find it hard to actually work out the songs. Nevertheless, the interpretations from IDMA are all either my own work, or that of others: please feel free to attempt to play these versions, and then, if you feel they are sufficiently error-free (they probably aren't!), tell me what you think, and I will send them in to The OLGA. Any corrections/submissions are welcome...
  1. Please Be Gentle | Smile | Lazy Lover | Love Has Passed Away | I Don't Think So | Day Before Yesterday's Man | Prepare To Land
  2. Submarine Song | I Wasn't Built To Get Up | Motorcycle Parts | Sheffield Song | Magnet | Everest
  3. Last Summer | Life Is A Motorway | Easy Life | Finishing Credits
  4. Honk Williams | Bubblegum Hill | X-Country Song | Hang Out With You
  5. Best Friend | Skyway | Do You Love Me | Wonder Boy | Flavor of the Month | DLMD | LOHCT
These songs and lyrics are of course printed without permission, and may only be used for private study or research or something. Please send the inevitable corrections, and any other song transcriptions to me.

Thanks to Gary Perkin, Paul Weisham, Bjarne Lyshede and Andrew Sharpe, who contributed some of the following.

If you're looking to get the exact sound, then have a look at the gear FAQ. 1