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New CD out now!

Mar 1, 2009: This site is now celebrating its 12th birthday!

Jan 8, 2009: I just found a file I made in about 2004 for customising Windows! I never got round to uploading it, so here it is now!

Oct 2: It seems like 2 tracks from Super Pro have started ot be played on BBC radio. And in other news, a Youtuber has made a video of ACG, or as it might also be known, Девушка Сити Атома...

Sept 22: Smile was used on Wife Swap on C4 last night!

Sept 10: The upcoming gig list has been updated!

Jul 20: The first ever album Super Pro is now out on CD and download!

Jun 1: Check out the new tour dates, where the band will be showing off their new lineup at a pub near you!

Jan 5, 2008: Belated happy new year!

Dec 1: Watch out for the movie Napoleon Dynamite on TV the day after tomorrow (Monday)!

Oct 17: The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that the Supers discography has been updated with a new compilation. This is something of a landmark, because it brings the total number of CDs up to... wait for it... 50!

Sep 13: After last night's great gig, it would appear that pre-release copies of the EP are now available. Also, thanks to Ronnie and James, some new guitar tabs have been added to this site ("Still Stuck in the 1980s").

Sep 9: News just in is that Sunday Morning will be released on 24th Sept on Weekender records! Lyrics available here, as always.

June 21: Something very interesting has come up in Sainsbury's. Not only have they got a new brand, but the logo is in a similar font as well! Of course, the is utter nonsense...

April 6: Some guy who's an admin on JockNroll voted for Sheffield Song as one of his favorite singles of all time! Anyway, they are currently taking votes for best album.

April 2: "Please Don't Call Me At Home" to get a vinyl release on 7th May! Backed with Cheap Flowers, it will be about 3.25 on Weekender Records.

March 16: Before it's the end of the skiing season, the interactive Snowboard/Sudoku game has been added!

March 5: To go with the 10th birthday of this site, an RSS news feed has been added! Just click on the orange icon in your address bar.

January 29, 2007: Updated the Hussys tour dates!

November 6: Just a quick reminder that there is a fan-video for Tiger. Look up Parisblonde on !

August 16: If you get the chance, listen to Xfm from yesterday morning, and you'll hear some interesting stuff from "an ex-Supernatural"

April 19: Those of you watching BBC2 last week will have been pleased to hear Smile being used during "Eating With... Nigel Slater"!

April 3: In response to an email from Jack, I have finally started to move the lyrics from the unreleased demo songs from the rarities section into their correct place.

Feb 1: People watching Holiday Showdown last night wold have been pleased to hear Smile!

Jan 3, 2006: I've been able to get my camera connected, and will soon have some Hussy's live pics up!

Nov 10: The band have announced a live appearance on Janice Long, BBC Radio 2, on Wed 16th November!

Oct 25: Those of you watching Wife Swap on C4 last night will have been pleased to hear Smile being played!

Sept 14: Lyrics for the The Hussy's CD are now available! Check out the full details...

Sept 3: Well, The Hussy's CD is now on sale! Contains 4 tracks for under two quid...

July 7: Well, the new band have played their first gig, so if you have any photos or reviews, be sure to send them in for a secret reward. Also, to celebrate the arrival of summer, the WWDLS album lyrics have had their aural stylesheets updated.

June 10: Finally some news on the new band! Check this page for the first live date, and a possible CD release!

March 1: I've just been reminded that "Is This Music?" have a vote for the best Scottish albums. IDMA is in there, so you know what to do!

Feb 2: The Flash section has been updated for the new year. Oh, and The DBYM was used on "So You Think You Can Teach" on Channel Five this week.

Jan 4, 2005: Radio 1 are compiling a list of the greatest songs by British artists. If you want to vote for Smile or whatever, then send a txt to 81199.

October 19: Added lyrics to four more unreleased Supers songs (see Reconsider to Sunflower).

September 30: The band are not forgotten! Just added a brand new compilation (and coverscan) to the discography.

June 28: After being requested, I have finally added some lyrics to some of the Suzette songs!

May 15: If anybody is interested, Smile was used on "Grumpy Old Men" on BBC2 tonight...

April 16: Added two brand new ringtones!

March 23: Added the new Suzette date, and also added brand new lyrics for 3 more demos...

March 4: By way of a birthday celebration, this site has had lyrics added for four unreleased songs!

January 26: Added four new Suzette dates for (Gla)...

January 6, 2004: Added the long-awaited equipment listing. Perfect if you're looking for an exact guitar model in the Jan sales!

December 18: As a Christmas tie-in, lyrics to the rare extra verse to "Country Music" have been added, as well as a gift of some midi files than can be used for karaoke!

November 5: Remember that Suzette play their 2nd gig tonight. Prizes may go to the first people to write in with a setlist/review or photo... And I've also added a new compilation to the discography, and figured out the Trying guitar tab!

October 16: Added the Freedom guitar chords, and finished the long-awaited Glastonbury 98 bootleg review!

October 5: The competition has just been beefed up to almost double the size. How many lyrics can you get?

September 5: As well as Smile being used on the TV in "That'll Teach 'Em" on Sept 20, we can now reveal that the new band is called Suzette and has just played its first gig!

August 12: Expanded the new band page, and also added keyboard shortcuts to the nav menu. In common with existing standards, they are: (Alt+1):Home, (Alt+4):Search, and (Alt+9): Contact.

July 9: In an email from James McColl, some details of his new band have emerged. Stay tuned for further details...

April 23: Brand new today, the long awaited version of Smile as recorded for Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights! Sampled straight from the Episode 5 DVD, it can be found in the downloads section.

February 24: Just added the first part of one of the last interviews given while the band were on Koch. See the audio downloads section.

January 8, 2003: After some research, the Last Summer font has been found. To use it yourself, just download and install it, then start your WP.

September 5: As well as putting up the new MP3 of the Month, the long-awaited Quiz is now available. You could qualify for a copy of the deleted Life Is A Motorway CD!

July 1: Hosted Adam's superb review of the new album, and added yet another coverscan to the discoraphy (the first ever South African CD!). The new single and video for the song "Life is a Motorway" were meant to be out today, but a Koch source has said that it has been "put on hold indefinately". The previous singles did not reach the Top 75 (and according to, ranked at a peak of number 3000, with a weekly average of 17,500), so that's probably the reason.

June 20: The second half of the exclusive James interview is now up on this site (see "Articles", where we talk extreme sports and vocal styles)

June 14: Apart from the summertime Winamp skins, a brand new Desktop Pattern has been added to the downloads section!

June 11: Added an exclusive new designer photo to the gallery (am Umbrella featuring Supernaturals-related artwork!), and improved the guitar tab for "Late". And the WWDLS ringtone is almost complete...

The album "What We Did Last Summer" is out in highstreets now (between The Superimposers and Superqueens), and has now been on sale for months! Most stores have copies in stock, although prices vary from 10.99 (MusicBox/MusicZone) up to a shocking 16.99 (Virgin).

May 29: Added the latest world-exclusive band interview to this site, and another new coverscan to the Discography.

May 13: Added the full lyrics to the brilliant unreleased song "Richard and Judy". Also, if you want to win a copy of the new album, simply tell me how many gigs you've been to. The highest (proven) number gets an advance promo copy of the CD ahead of the release... And if you want to get the band played on radio in preparation for the new album, you'd better get requesting them with the email campaign on this site...

As usual, the new English tour dates are available on the WAPsite.

September 24: As well as the audio downloads of exclusive acoustic versions of Summertime and future single LIAM, you can also now download the new MP3 of the Month in the media section... This is the only place you'll find it (until somebody else nicks it!), and since all unreleased songs are available, you'll be able to start voting (be email) for next month's song.

August 27: A shock news announcement today is that Ken McAlpine has left the band to pursue a career as a cameraman. He is replaced on keyboards by David Mitchell, who has been working hard learning a shed-load of songs so he can play live. The first ever photo of him playing live is in the Photo Gallery of this site.

May 3: They were recently in Europe making a video for Life is a Motorway, although the bad news is that Derek broke his ankle during filming...

March 20: I recently discovered this song by Irving Berlin which is very interesting for it's similarity to "Built To Get Up"...

February 8: Bassist Mark has left the band. His parting is amicable, and James will play bass live.

November 1: In another email from Mark this week, I now have lots more information about the band's equipment, so look out for a new article coming soon to this site...

July 24: In an email from Mark, he says that they have "finished the bulk of recording" and that they are producing/mixing it themselves, with a little help from a Kevin Burleigh at Reality. Do not expect a release for another few months at least...

Some guy Paul has a copy of Let It Bleat CD for sale. Ask him nicely and he will agree a selling price! (I accept no responsibility for this)...

Following on from Smile being used for the ads for an online bank, I Wasn't Built To Get Up is now also being used for a Direct Debit ad!

Keep checking this site for more news as it unfolds...

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